Imageboard platform written in Rust utilising the Rocket web framework and a dgraph database


Image of front page

Imageboard built using Rocket, Tera and Dgraph

  • All data is stored as highly relational nodes under dgraph
  • Rocket handles everything else even down to SSR
  • Rendering is done with rocket contrib's templating feature utilising Tera templates
  • Goal is to have almost everything rendered on the server before sending anything to the client
  • Tailwind used for styling


  • Rust
  • Yarn (or npm)
  • Dgraph
  • Docker and docker-compose

Building for development

If you don't have Rust and Cargo installed refer to this site

After cloning the repo make sure your rustc branch is set to nightly rustup show

If not, run rustup override set nightly to set it locally in this repo's folder

After that run both cargo build and yarn (or npm i) to download and compile all dependencies

To start up your Dgraph containers run docker-compose -f up -d

While your Dgraph containers are starting up go ahead and start the css processor in a separate terminal instance with yarn css:watch or npm run css:watch

Finally start the Rocket instance with cargo run

Building for production




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